Sunday, February 3, 2013

This second post is supposed to be about the steps taken to get a final project, particularly concerning a powerpoint we saw a week ago (which I can't remember the slightest detail of). That's what I get for being absent. Generally, one would need to set up interviews with teachers and officials to find a core theme. From there, they would find details about their topic on the internet and form a portfolio of documents which apply to the theme. The presentation will not be a research project so much as an account of the journey taken to reach some conclusion. But to progress at all, a lot of planning has to be done. Thankfully, I'm compelled to plan for everything. I'm spending my last year of high school planning the branch I'll go into more than 10 years from now! I have plenty of time to decide, but my brain won't let me relax until I choose, so here I am.... wish me luck.

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