Thursday, February 28, 2013

I made up a survey to judge how people view neurosurgeons. I'm going to distribute it to a class of high school kids and a few teachers. I want to see if the opinions change with age and experience. The website I made it on is making me pay to print it, though. I have to reformat it so I can bypass the charge. I'll have the file sent out to Mrs. Repasy by tonight. As for the teachers, I think I can get copies out to the ones I see daily.
But this interview.... I am so frustrated with the whole thing. I have someone lined up, she's happy to meet with me, she has all of these contacts in the field, but my parents are ruining all of it. My dad forgot that he was working on the day we'd scheduled two weeks in advance and now whenever I ask him to call her he tells me he doesn't feel like it. Only he has her number, and even if I called her myself I'd need him to drive me there, which he also rarely wants to do. She was supposed to be the gateway to the other interviews. I realized that I may have to go another way, so I tried to find another lead. But my mom keeps saying that no surgeons will have time to be interviewed. Valid point, but maybe try asking first? It's not like they're strangers.
I'm going to check the library for information tomorrow. Next week will be dedicated to internet research.

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