Monday, February 25, 2013

I've been trying to set up this interview with the neuro-assistant and my parents keep putting it off. It's really annoying. The worst part about being this age is that no one takes you seriously. I'm trying to do something important! For me at least... I really care about this stuff. I don't know why; I know it's kind of a specific thing to want, having had no real experience with it. But it just makes sense to me, you know? The first time I saw those diagrams of the brain with all of it's neurons and electrical sparks jumping like lightening... it reminded me of those beautiful pictures of dust clouds in space with all the colors and lights. I always liked space. The brain is just like the universe if you shrink down small enough. If the idea of giant swirling cosmos is exciting, how can you not think the same of a vast unexplored world thats so small, you can't even see it well enough to understand how it works. Can you imagine yourself- not your body, but your consciousness itself- and imagine what little bits of your brain give you the ability to think and feel and dream? We know what lets us think, but where in our head is the part that makes people cry at weddings and climb mountains just for the view at the top? This tiny plane of existence holds everything that makes us human, and we still don't know how to find it. This may be the only real magic left in the world. A part of me hopes it stays hidden, just so we always have something to wonder about. I know this class is supposed to be about our personal journey in exploring what we are passionate about, so I hope this was relevant. To be honest, I tend to trail off when I think about this stuff. I guess that's good, though, because it means I'm on the right path. I'll keep trying to set this thing up, but I hope I can do it soon. I'm getting kind of anxious not having anything done.

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