Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Now that I have my research questions set up, I need to figure out how to get them answered. Here's the plan:

1) What is neurosurgery like day-to-day?
                 a)  Interview Neurosurgeons
                 b) Shadow a Neurosurgeon
                 c) Research online
2) What different kinds of procedures are done?
                 a) Interview a Neurosurgeon
                 b) Observe a surgery
                 c) Interview a hospital directer
                 d) Research online
3) How does neurosurgery positively impact a surgeon's life?
                 a) Interview a Neurosurgeon
                 b) Interview a Med school professor/directer/counsilor
                 c) Research online
4) What kind of stress do they face on the job and off?
                 a) Interview a Neurosurgeon
                 b) Interview someone with a Neurosurgeon in the family
                 c) Shadow a neurosurgeon at work
                 d) Research online

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