Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm going to be interviewing some neurosurgeons my mom knows from work. I don't know yet how many will agree to do it so I have to find some info on my own. I might branch out and interview general surgeons because of the limited supply of people I can find. I think there are three main surgeons I could talk to: Leibman, Vez, and a woman I can't recall the name of. I could probably find more people through them. Here are ten questions I plan on asking them:

1) What is your job like day to day?
2) How does a hospital run?
3) What kind of procedures are done?
4) What is the basic format of a surgery?
5) What kind of person do you have to be/ what skills do you need to be a surgeon?
6)  What kinds of opportunites are you given because of your job?
7) What kind of salary can you expect as you rise in the ranks?
8) How do you deal with job related stress?
9) Is the pressure worth it?
10) Does it get easier? At what point do you get used to it?

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