Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's time to start focusing in on the specifics of this project. As a framework, I've made up some research questions. What I need to answer is this:

1) What is neurosurgery like day-to-day? 
                    - How difficult is it?
                    - How does a hospital run?
2) What different kinds of procedures are done?
                    - What is the basic format for a surgery?
3) How does neurosurgery positively impact a surgeon's life?
                    - $, opportunities, etc...
4) What kind of stress do they face on the job and off?
                    - How do they deal with it? 
                    - Is it worth it?
                    - Does it get easier? 

I'm concerned that I may have trouble getting honest answers in a hospital setting and that some of these questions may be a bit personal, but it's important that I know these things.  I can at least find these things online, if not from personal interviews. There are plenty of forums on the subject; I just need to dig a little.

In other news, I found this in one of my webcomics:

I hope the surgeons I work with have a sense of humor, or else I'm going to make a lot of people nervous...

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