Sunday, March 3, 2013

So the interview went well. I ended up staying for two hours and getting an hour of recording material. But the most important thing that happened was this: I learned that being a neurosurgeon is not what I thought it was. Apparently, everything I love about neuro isn't as involved in neurosurgery, but in neurology. I know Mrs. Repasy is going to love this new development. I'm sorry! I changed the project from Neurology to surgery just to find this out. But this is going to be great for my presentation. The project is about self discovery and changing our opinions. I don't want to change the project again. I dedicated my research to neurosurgeons and I'm going to continue on that path. So now, it's going to be less about job preparation and more about getting the information I need to solidify my decision to branch out. On the other hand, I really am interested in what a neurosurgeon's life is like. I think now that my personal line of questioning is out of the way, I can be objective in my research and get a clearer final product. I would like a second opinion on which field is better, too. She gave me the contact info for the new head of neurology at Capital Health where my mom works and my dad used to work. I talked to her and set up an interview for next Sunday! Already, doors are opening for me. After that, she has some neuro-nurses she'll talk to for me. She's been very helpful. Research online starts this week.

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