Monday, March 25, 2013

I was watching tv last night and found a show called "Married to Medicine". I was actually really excited because I thought it was going to be about strong, independent women doctors. The description said something about balancing home life with the hectic work schedule. I thought, "Yes. This is exactly what young girls need to see on tv. Something to aspire to." But I was so, so wrong. Instead, the first thing I see is a loud, obnoxious rich woman yelling at a group of other rich women. She was saying that she didn't want to "start any drama" and that everyone was trying to exclude her from some party. She wasn't a doctor; she was an unemployed, pampered doctor's wife. Her whole goal in life was to find a rich man to take care of her and buy her nice things. It was disgusting. And we wonder why there aren't more young women coming into the field of medicine. It's because they are told by the media to be housewives instead of proffesionals. It really pisses me off.

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